[dns-operations] new public DNS service:

Daniel Shaw daniel at afrinic.net
Mon Nov 20 06:32:50 UTC 2017

On 17/11/2017, 10:26, Ken Peng	typed:
> https://gizmodo.com/new-dns-service-launched-by-ibm-vows-to-keep-your-brows-1820508262 
> the IP addr is nice:
> not good route here from Asia.


>From further on in the thread, Ken, your part of Asia seems to be Singapore.

Access seems to vary from provider to provider in Singapore to this.

Just prior to leaving Singapore (Saturday), on Friday I did a few quick ping/traceroutes.

I noted that while the mobile data provider I had access to (Starhub) had awful latency, just shy of 200ms, I was pleasantly surprised to have less than 10ms in my hotel, on their wifi.

I forget the upstream ISP they used, but traceroutes indicated reaching quad9 through Equinix, SG. And some quick checks of looking glasses this morning shows that it's present at SGIX too.

So you may want to encourage your ISP to peer at a local exchange! They'll probably get "closer" access to various other DNS stuff too.


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