[dns-operations] FW: Issues with RIPE ATLAS?

Michał Kępień michal.kepien at nask.pl
Wed Mar 22 07:04:52 UTC 2017

> > It appears that RIPE ATLAS is having issues with the ability to do TCP-based DNS queries as part of their probes.
> > 
> > Anyone else able to confirm this issue?
> Same problem for me. (I confess that I never tried explicitely before.)
> According to DNSmon, it happened one week ago

My guess would be it had something to do with a RIPE Atlas maintenance
window right around that time [1].

> and nobody noticed :-(

Our monitoring tools picked up the DNSMON anomaly and we contacted the
DNSMON folks (with some delay as we assumed the TCP outage is a hiccup
stemming from whatever maintenance work they were doing), but we have
yet to hear back from them.

[1] https://twitter.com/RIPE_Atlas/status/841314304460746752

Best regards,
Michał Kępień

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