[dns-operations] DNS providers who support account ACLs?

Colm MacCárthaigh colm at stdlib.net
Wed Mar 8 23:18:41 UTC 2017

Route 53 supports AWS Authentication and IAMS policies, which can do ACLs,
geo/IP-restrictions and much more (like multi-factor auth, time policies,
sub-accounts, role-accounts, etc...). There's also CloudTrail logging, and
an API to go through change history.

On Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 12:30 PM, Mark Jeftovic <markjr at easydns.com> wrote:

> I'm going to ask this separately on the RRSG list for Registrars, but
> what DNS providers support the ability to set account ACLs or
> geo-restrictions on logging into end-user accounts?
> One of my tech reviewers has noted that it may not be as common as I
> think (moreso for Registrars I think), but I'm expecting more DNS
> providers support it?
> - mark
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