[dns-operations] Open source release of the DNS-STATS Compactor

Jim Hague jim at sinodun.com
Wed Jun 21 10:13:27 UTC 2017

On 21/06/2017 07:49, Jerry Lundström wrote:
> I see that in known issues the software has some serious problems
> capturing packets under Ubuntu Trusty, has this been verified to be a
> problem with libpcap? For example, does tcpdump not work?

Yes, I did verify that it's not a libtins problem. I reproduced the
problem with a small libpcap-only program. However, I think that it is
in fact a kernel problem rather than libpcap.

Also, it's only a problem when using pacp_next()/pcap_next_ex() or
pcap_dispatch(). It doesn't manifest with pcap_loop(), which is why I
think tcpdump works.

My notes indicate that upgrading to a backported Xenial kernel fixed the
problem. I see that 14.04.5 installs with kernel 4.4.0 (which is the
Xenial kernel) rather than the 13.13 from older 14.04.
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