[dns-operations] Is rs.dns-oarc.net via IPv4 down?

Mitsuru SHIMAMURA simamura at iij.ad.jp
Wed Jul 26 02:59:06 UTC 2017

Hi, Keith.

Thank you for replying.

On 07/25/2017 22:01, Keith Mitchell wrote:

>> It seems like that the IPv4 address of rs.dns-oarc.net's authoritative server is
>> But, there is no response from
>> Is it down only for me?
> I am seeing this as currently working from multiple locations for both
> v4 and v6, though our legacy testers do sometimes fail or have
> connectivity issues occasionally.

I noticed that the IPv4 address was responding about an hour after I sent mail.
And now, It works.
> Note that the best place to report issues with OARC services is
> <admin at dns-oarc.net>, please let us know if you are still having
> problems and we will investigate further.

I see. I will send to there, next time. 

Mitsuru SHIMAMURA <simamura at iij.ad.jp>
Internet Initiative Japan, Inc.

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