[dns-operations] Emoji "Female" symbol fails to resolve at Google's &

James Stevens James.Stevens at jrcs.co.uk
Wed Jul 12 13:31:02 UTC 2017

The owner of xn--e5h.com sends his thanks to this group for their help. 
DS records now withdrawn and domain working again.

He had tried quite a few different public resolvers who all seemed to 
work fine, like OpenDNS - not quite sure why they weren't also failing 
like Google.

> Thank you.
> 'twas an easy mistake to make - there is currently so much drama
> around emoji and domain names that it is understandable.

Indeed - it was MY mistake originally - I was *so* wrapped up in the 
Emoji thing, I didn't see the wood for the trees.

The main reason for my distraction was that I recent switch an old 
system from "libidn" to "libidn2"

"libidn2" is IDNA2008 compliant, so (correctly) blocks converting emojis 
from Unicode into punycode, but is happy to convert the other way round.

So you could argue that a resolver that is "fully IDNA2008 compliant" 
might block an emoji domain name?

/Personally/, I think emoji domain names are a bit silly, but I don't 
think its necessary to ban or block them.

I can sympathise with ICANN not wanting them in the ROOT, but they seem 
pretty harmless at the second level - especially as Egyptian Hieroglyphs 
are allowed.

> So what sort of intervention would be appropriate, what if the
> domain was Microsoft with a Cyrillic s or the like?

This, on the other hand, is a more serious issue.

However, it would be easy for browsers to warn users if the URL is made 
from a mixture of different character sets - we did this in a registry 
system to trigger a warning for such applications - so I'm not sure why 
they haven't done that.


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