[dns-operations] Google DNS in mainland .cn

John Kristoff jtk at depaul.edu
Sat Jan 21 20:30:55 UTC 2017

This might be best directed at Google, but I'd welcome unofficial
insight as well.  It doesn't strictly apply just to Google, but they
are often the de facto resolver choice for many systems.

I'm interested in the current state of access (DNS client queries)
to Google DNS resolvers (, and IPv6 equivalent) from
within mainland China.  Particularly availability and trustworthiness.
Keyword triggering by the GFW is not a big concern, but the just idea
that something may be tampered with is not reassuring.

I'm considering whether it would be OK to utilize a traditional
resolv.conf that points to Google DNS for some systems or if I should
just start getting used to implementing something like dnscrypt or DNS
over TLS to try avoid potential problems.

I've searched around the net a bit and have seen some of the GFW papers
in the past, but a current and clear status of the situation I couldn't
find.  Thoughts and experience welcome.  Thanks in advance.


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