[dns-operations] Strange effect

Taras Heychenko tasic at hostmaster.ua
Thu Feb 23 12:01:07 UTC 2017

Accidentally I have found strange resolver behavior. I can not explain
it to myself so may be someone could help with explaining.
We have:
Bind 9.9.4 is used as resolver.
dnssec-lookaside option is on.
All works fine till I request resolving of omnilance.com domain.
With "dnssec-lookaside yes" option it is not resolved. I check this effect
on another server and other version of bind (9.9.9) and got the same effect.
Of course I read about decommissioning the DLV. And this option was on accidentally.
Can anyone help me to understand what cause this effect?
Best regards

Taras Heychenko
tasic at hostmaster.ua

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