[dns-operations] *nix stub resolver as a stateful daemon (was: ...dns resolver inside "systemd")

Chris Adams cma at cmadams.net
Thu Dec 28 21:28:24 UTC 2017

Once upon a time, Robert Edmonds <edmonds at mycre.ws> said:
> I don't see a big advantage to producing new NSS modules for the DNS
> protocol (e.g., see the fate of nss-lwres) versus putting "nameserver
>" (and nothing else) in /etc/resolv.conf, and running a nice
> DNS server on, either in full recursive mode or forwarding
> to your preferred recursive DNS service.

/etc/resolv.conf is a well-known interface for DHCP clients and such to
set DNS servers.  Running full-up resolver requires everything that
needs to adjust DNS servers to know how to configure the resolver.

Chris Adams <cma at cmadams.net>

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