[dns-operations] some advice on configuring the dns resolver inside "systemd"

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Thu Dec 28 20:00:40 UTC 2017

Andrew Boling wrote:
> ...
> To avoid a philosophical debate over whether glibc's behavior is the
> "right" one, I'll simply say ...

stub behaviour has suffered from older unix's inability to behave 
asynchronously. by now every system we use has something like kqueue, 
libevent, threads, or whatever. we could come up with a nigh-standard
stub behaviour, put that into getdnsapi, and then put a lot of pressure 
on the glibc team and other libc teams as well as apple and google and 
microsoft, to behave the same way.

of particular interest is some kind of trampoline at the process level, 
sort of like the unix-domain socket that syslog() uses to talk to 
syslogd(). modern windows and unix-like (apple, android, linux, BSD) all 
have the means for a message receiver to securely inspect the 
credentials of the sender. a validating caching but not "full" resolver 
sitting at the gate in the wall could really help with dnssec 
deployment. yes, i know that this is what systemd-resolvething tries to 
be, but they were solving a very limited and non-portable subset of the 
problem, and doing so in a way that made no sense to "real dns people".

if IETF DNSOP decides to take this on (which would occur on a different 
mailing list) i'd be very happy to join as a discussant and reviewer.

P Vixie

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