[dns-operations] End-of-Year message from DNS-OARC

Sue Graves sgraves at dns-oarc.net
Mon Dec 18 06:08:36 UTC 2017

Those of us at DNS-OARC would like to take this opportunity to
thank everyone for the high quality discussions we've come to
expect on the dns-operations list.  We're able to provide this
service to you thanks in large part to our paying members.

If you're not a paying member and find the list and semi-annual 
workshops of value, consider becoming a member.  Now may be the 
right time to add "DNS-OARC membership" to your next year's budget!
Reasons to consider becoming an OARC Member: 

- Access to and participation in the world's premier community of
  DNS technical experts

- Influence development of open tools and services to support your
  infrastructure operations

- Ability to share and analyze a unique dataset perspective into
  global DNS operations

- Use of community co-ordination resources to respond to incidents 
  and threats

- Support a trusted neutral party free of vested interests in the 
  DNS space 

- or, as an existing member said about why they joined: 
-- Interacting with other DNS geeks and access to DITL data.

Here is a link to our benefits by membership level:
To apply or ask questions, please email me at admin at dns-oarc.net.

If you ARE a member, consider upgrading your level of membership.

Our spring workshop is coming up in March, and will be held in Puerto 
Rico, and member or not, we would appreciate your involvement by 
submitting a presentation to this or a future workshop. 
Here's a tweet from one of our attendees from our last workshop:
-- Of all the work-related conferences I attend, dnsoarc is reliably 
the one with the fewest uninteresting bits. Approaching zero.

Last but definitely not least, we thank you all for your support-in 
whatever form, and wish you all a Happy Holiday and Prosperous New Year!

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