[dns-operations] Broken NS records for TLD zones in root zone.

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Wed Aug 16 07:17:56 UTC 2017

Mark Andrews (marka) writes:
> Anyone have contacts that work for these TLDs?  Most of these have
> been like this for months.
> bf. ns1.ird.fr: no address records found (NXDOMAIN)
> ci. ns1.ird.fr: no address records found (NXDOMAIN)
> nr. ns1.net.reach.com: address lookups failed
> td. ns1.nic.td: no address records found (NXDOMAIN)

	I have contacts for all 4 of these, and will reach out to them -
	I'll update here (if possible).


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