[dns-operations] check if a domain has been registered via DNS

Peng Yonghua pyh at vodafonemail.de
Fri Apr 28 01:31:11 UTC 2017

在 2017/4/27 下午10:23, Stephane Bortzmeyer 写道:
> No. Some registries (like .fr) allow registration without
> delegation. Some have a "on hold" system where the domain is
> temporarily not published in the DNS. And I do not even mention
> redemption periods and domains not registered but not registreable
> (such as the seven dirty words in .us).
> Bad idea, sorry. The DNS does not replace a proper DAS.

thanks for the info.

I have wrote in the original document of the module,

use Net::Domain::Registration::Check;

print domain_on_parent($domain) ? "domain has been taken" : "domain may 
not be taken";

so, if domain_on_parent return true, the domain has been taken.
if return false, the domain may or may not be taken.

besides .fr, also .uk doesn't delegate DNS after the domain 
registration, for example, yahoo.uk.

So, this module let us make a rough filter on domain registration, 
anyway if domain has DNS delegation, thus it has been taken for 100%.


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