[dns-operations] check if a domain has been registered via DNS

Ray Bellis ray at isc.org
Thu Apr 27 13:55:15 UTC 2017

On 27/04/2017 09:13, Peng Yonghua wrote:
> Hello,
> for domain registration stuff we generally query the info via whois.
> But whois is slow.
> I wrote a simple module to query the domain via DNS system, more
> exactly, query the domain from its parent nameservers.
> for example, given yahoo.com, I check the domain name from com's
> nameservers.
> if rcode is NXDOMAIN then domain not taken. if rcode is NOERROR then
> domain has taken.
> I found the querying is much faster than whois.  module URL:
> http://search.cpan.org/~pyh/Net-Domain-Registration-Check-0.02/lib/Net/Domain/Registration/Check.pm

Many registries permit a domain to be registered without requiring it to
be delegated.  Such domains would fail your test.


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