[dns-operations] which registries test nameservers before delegations?

Marc Groeneweg Marc.Groeneweg at sidn.nl
Tue Apr 25 07:09:16 UTC 2017


>I know .IS does and I'm pretty sure .NL does, but what other registries
> do pre-delegation testing on domains before they will register (or
> transfer) them?

We as the .NL registry doesn’t perform any pre-delegation check before registration since 2010. The added value for the check versus the online transaction behaviour of our registry system wasn’t there. This was acknowledged by our registrars, who in most cases had a always correct modus for DNS (a simple Perl script). They have more incentive in fast registration, and then setting up the added services like DNS and hosting packages.

We did (and want to re-introduce) a regular delegation check on the entire domain portfolio. We also do a daily check on DNSSEC validation with DNSKEY and NXDOMAIN queries.

Best regards,
Marc Groeneweg

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