[dns-operations] which registries test nameservers before delegations?

Dark Fiber darkfiberiru at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 01:32:22 UTC 2017

On Apr 24, 2017 21:13, "Randy Bush" <randy at psg.com> wrote:

> I know .IS does and I'm pretty sure .NL does, but what other registries
> do pre-delegation testing on domains before they will register (or
> transfer) them?

GN and LR

our problem is that, as we do not charge and thus there is no renewal,
bit rot is incremental

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I don't see why even with out charging there still couldn't be renewals or
maybe mandatory confirmation of contact details on a regular cycle.

I can see this being hard on a political front but it was something I was
looking into at a past job where I was the delegated manager for some US

Cut back the bit rot and have a standard Time for communication about other

Nick "darkfiberiru" Wolff
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