[dns-operations] anycasting axfr

Robert Edmonds edmonds at mycre.ws
Wed Apr 19 21:44:04 UTC 2017

Barry Raveendran Greene wrote:
> > I would guess that per-packet load balancing among different upstream
> > providers in edge networks is going to be a bigger factor in failed root
> > zone AXFRs than BGP topology changes in the core. I'd also guess that
> > RIPE Atlas *anchors* are going to be on better managed networks and
> > you'd be less likely to encounter that kind of load-balancing from Atlas
> > anchors.
> I’m trying to foresee any situation where a per packet load balancing issue would come up in this situation. Even with equal cost upstream exists, C & J would have 4 tuple selection on the path up (minimizing unnecessary asymmetric flows). Also, once you get a couple of BGP hops into the path, flows would stabilized to the anycasted NSID.

If you're hashing on the 4-tuple I wouldn't call that "per-packet" load
balancing. By "per-packet" I mean individual packets in a particular
flow being sprayed across different upstream providers.

Robert Edmonds

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