[dns-operations] anycasting axfr

Robert Edmonds edmonds at mycre.ws
Wed Apr 19 18:57:36 UTC 2017

Anand Buddhdev wrote:
> While not an extensive analysis, I managed to gather some results last
> night. I performed 15893 root zone AXFRs from K-root from 245 RIPE Atlas
> anchors (distributed all over the world) for a period of about 210
> minutes. Not a single AXFR failed.

I would guess that per-packet load balancing among different upstream
providers in edge networks is going to be a bigger factor in failed root
zone AXFRs than BGP topology changes in the core. I'd also guess that
RIPE Atlas *anchors* are going to be on better managed networks and
you'd be less likely to encounter that kind of load-balancing from Atlas

Is it possible to detect RIPE Atlas probes on those kinds of edge
networks performing per-packet load balancing and target them for AXFR
probes? I guess it might be possible to analyze the built-in traceroutes
that RIPE Atlas probes execute already, without burning any credits :-)

Robert Edmonds

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