[dns-operations] Workshop on Passive DNS -- Atlanta, GA -- May 4 (13:00) to May 5 (12:00), 2017

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Fri Apr 7 20:49:24 UTC 2017

Workshop on Passive DNS -- Atlanta, GA -- May 4 (13:00) to May 5 (12:00), 2017

Cox Communications and Farsight Security invite members of the DNS community 
to join a two-halfday workshop to be held in Atlanta, GA from mid-day Thursday 
May 4 until mid-day Friday May 5, including dinner on May 4. Short papers are 
welcome, as are oral histories, demonstrations, and even slideware. This will 
be a highly interactive workshop, with about the time allocated to focused 
group discussion and Q&A.

Venue capacity is about 25 participants, with accepted speakers and discussion 
leaders having priority. We'll start after lunch on Thursday, breaking at 
18:00 for dinner, then continue from 09:00 to 12:00 on Friday. Farsight will 
sponsor dinner and cookies; lunch will be available in the Cox cafeteria.

Ideal topics include: collection, transmission, sharing, storage, indexing, 
use cases, applications, performance, privacy, anonymization, law, policy, and 
business models.

Programme Committee:
        Paul Vixie, Farsight
        Matt Carothers, Cox
        David Dagon, GaTech

Deadlines: proposals (title and abstract) by speakers and expressions of 
interest by non-speakers are due 2017-04-16T23:59:59Z; notices and invitations 
will be sent out by 2017-04-23T23:59:59Z.

Submissions in plain text (no MIME/DOC/PPT please): pdns-pc at tisf.net

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