[dns-operations] Alternatives to ldns-verify-zone

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Fri Sep 23 08:31:46 UTC 2016

Abdulkareem H. Ali wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> We've been using ldns-verify-zone to check and validate our zones
> including DNSSEC validation. It's a great tool and we've been using it
> for years, but the latest stable release is Jan/2014.
> I'm wondering if anyone would recommend any other tool that can
> verify/validate zones and be fully DNSSEC aware that might be good to
> use alongside ldns-verify-zone?

for the Yeti DNS project, i've been using "dnssec-verify" which is part 
of BIND9, which gets released pretty often.

P Vixie

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