[dns-operations] DNS filtering in the UK

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Thu Sep 15 01:44:03 UTC 2016

the problem with this kind of dns filtering is that it has all the 
problems we described in the SOPA wars, but those are too detailed for 
policy makers to grok, and the real problems caused by this kind of 
filtering will prevent the creation of DNSSEC-aware applications, but 
there are none at the moment.

so, what i hear from the losers in the SOPA wars now is, we weren't 
lying, DNS filtering at scale does not break the internet, just look at 
what they're doing in europe. and i don't have a single DNSSEC-aware 
application to point at, that breaks due to DNS filtering.

for all i know TPP will bring it all back around again. bad ideas never 
die, they just go into submarine mode for a while and then pop up 
someplace else.


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