[dns-operations] Using all the addresses of every name server? (Was: ANY efforts at taking additional responses more compact?

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Mon Sep 12 17:30:56 UTC 2016

Fred Morris wrote:
> On Monday 12 September 2016 08:36, Paul Vixie wrote:
>>> I would not recommend imputing any shared state across multiple
>>> addresses associated with a given name.  ...
>> that ship has already sailed, so, the expectation must remain reasonable.
> ... It might help if you explained exactly what shared state
> concerned you.

if i get an icmp unreachable for udp/53 on one address belonging to a 
name server, then it is reasonable for me to assume i'll get the same 
from the other addresses of the same name server.

your tcp example is a completely different animal.

P Vixie

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