[dns-operations] [hello at axfrcheck.com: AXFR Securit - alert - XXXXXX.fr]

Gihan Dias gihan at nic.lk
Mon May 30 02:56:13 UTC 2016

On 2016-05-30 පෙ.ව. 5:44, Dave Warren wrote:
> My crack team of crack researchers have found some critical security 
> issues in your social media profile configurations. These 
> misconfigured profiles are very vulnerable and can cause your Personal 
> Information including but not limited to your name, occupation, 
> geographical location, timezone, and various biometric data open to 
> the public at large. 

You should have added the
Even then he may not get it.

You may need to be more plain and direct (or send a message in Hungarian).


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