[dns-operations] Recommended zone serial number format for over 100 changes / day

Dave Warren davew at hireahit.com
Wed Mar 30 19:35:26 UTC 2016

On 2016-03-30 11:56, Jonathan Tuliani wrote:
> Hi DNS Gurus,
> RFC1912 recommends the following SOA serial number format: YYYYMMDDnn
> However, this does not support more than 100 updates per day (whilst 
> this sounds like a lot, the fluidity of the Cloud means there are some 
> applications where large numbers of changes are commonplace).
> Is there a recommended serial format that supports large numbers of 
> changes?

Whatever you want? There's really no reason to maintain YYYYMMDDnn 
unless you're editing zones by hand and can't keep notes.

I use YYYY followed by a timestamp for zones that are synthesized from 
database. I stuck with the YYYY because I had a stupid monitoring system 
that would throw errors, but it just looked for 20[012]\d{5,} or 
similar. Threw out that system, but the format stuck until there's a 
reason to change it.

The only real consideration when you're changing formats is to make sure 
that either your new format starts out generating higher serial numbers 
than you use today, or that you're ready and able to get your slaves to 
accept lower serial numbers once. If you control your slaves, this is 
trivial, but if you use a hosted solution, it may be more complicated.

Dave Warren

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