[dns-operations] about NXDOMAIN under the TLD .ws

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Tue Mar 22 17:44:16 UTC 2016

>That article describes problems with inappropriate co-opting of what
>should more suitably be NXDOMAIN responses, and further goes on to
>talk about ICANN's policy position as well as the UK's.  While they
>are non-binding to .ws, of course, it's still a relevant position.

ccTLDs do all sorts of stuff that ICANN would forbid:

*.FM mail is handled by 1 mail.h-email.net.
*.PH has address
*.SY has address
*.WS has address
*.WS mail is handled by 1 mail.hope-mail.com.
*.XN--FIQS8S has address
*.XN--FIQZ9S has address

There are also over a dozen domains with A, and MX records at
the top level.  .DK has both A and AAAA and has for a long
time.  See RFC 7085.

They all know what they're doing and why they're doing it, and many
have been doing the alleged evil for well over a decade so it's hard
to argue that they've caused some great harm that nobody's ever

I'm not saying that *.COM or *.SEARCH would be a good idea, but *.WS
is harmless.


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