[dns-operations] registry/registrar/registrant delegation checks for fun and profit

Einar Lönn einar.lonn at iis.se
Wed Mar 2 09:53:47 UTC 2016

On 02 Mar 2016, at 03:27, Randy Bush <randy at psg.com> wrote:

>> Running counter to this, and purely for information, It was reported some
>> while ago that CNNIC employed a few thousand students over a summer holiday
>> to contact every domain-name holder in the .CN covered namespace and
>> perform basic ID checks with them.
>> If a registrar "can't do this for commercial/profit reasons" then maybe the
>> contract for provision of service needs a review?
> a one-time spot check is great, but does not approach the problem of
> continuous monitoring.
> randy

We track changes in our zones (.SE and .NU), run our tool DNSCheck on every zone that change in between zone updates (frequency 2 hours), and store this data. At the end of each day we look at these results, compile summarized lists / registrar with domains *that still have problems at level ERROR or above*, and send these to the Registrars *who want them* (absolutely not opt-out, spamming and threatening gets you nowhere as many have said before; it’s hard to find the person that *actually* controls the zones).

We’ve been running this for a few years now and (we think / hope) the combination of opt-in with the fact that we quite often notice things the DNS-operators and/or Registrars cant catch themselves is a great help to the quality of our zone. It’s continous (all changes are tracked as we own the zonefile), non-invasive (opt-in) and doesnt try to threaten anyone.

I also know we try and “clean” database data in a similar, but slightly less ambitious, way that CNNIC did. In the end it might be worth it to have close-to-correct data in your systems (clean out the worst at least).

	/Regards, Einar

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