[dns-operations] Quick DNS report from behind the Great Firewall of China

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at nic.br
Sun Jun 5 14:26:09 UTC 2016

> So here are some observations about DNS and the Great Firewall of
> China, from my hotel room. Note that I am not encouraging anyone to
> bypass Chinese laws or regulations, but as a technical DNS person I
> find the details interesting and thought other people would too.

Just one observation from being at a conference in Beijing where attendees chose multiple hotels: some Beijing international hotels take their Internet connection from Hong-Kong, thus bypassing prohibitions applicable in Mainland China.
So, your results might not be reproducible if a different hotel was chosen...

> To be clear, this won't actually let you get to any blocked server,
> since there are IP layer blocks in place too, but at least DNS will be
> correct. :) (Actually, detecting such blocks could allow someone to
> build a middlebox which used VPN only when needed and otherwise used
> normal upstream. Hm...)

Exactly. The hotel I stayed in had such blockings and I tried experimenting with them using /etc/hosts entries to no avail...


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