[dns-operations] Sad news today: systemd-resolved to be deployed in Ubuntu 16.10

Ondřej Surý ondrej.sury at nic.cz
Fri Jun 3 08:54:55 UTC 2016

I already spoke to Martin, and he is very open about that decision (it's still very early in the development cycle), so I think that this still might be reverted if we don't slip into systemd-ranting and provide reasons why this has bad design (not just bugs).


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> Moin!
> On 3 Jun 2016, at 10:28, Ondřej Surý wrote:
>> With "allow-downgrade" recommended as a normal mode of operation with
>> flaky upstream.
>> And doesn't support RFC5011.
>> Also please keep the systemd trolling to minimum.  I think we need to
>> have a good technical arguments to fend this off and convince Ubuntu
>> this is not a greatest idea ever.
> For starters it's totally un obvious and not transparent at all. Before
> that the IP in /etc/resolv.conf would point to the address I would use
> to send my DNS queries to and could debug from. Now a dig to that IP
> might reveal something totally different to what the app sees. If we not
> convince them to change it hopefully it is possible to turn it off.
> So long
> -Ralf

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