[dns-operations] lowercasing of questions from recursor to auths?

Peter van Dijk peter.van.dijk at powerdns.com
Tue Feb 9 14:33:10 UTC 2016

Hello Jan-Piet,

On 5 Feb 2016, at 19:58, Jan-Piet Mens wrote:

>> we recently got a request from a user to lowercase questions sent 
>> from the
>> PowerDNS Recursor to auths on the Internet
> Can't this be easily solved in the PowerDNS Recursor with a Lua filter
> which lowercases for this particular name or set of names? 
> (Irrespective
> of the fact I consider this authoritative server broken.)

I considered implementing it this way, but a global flag (which I now 
have sitting in a patch, defaulting to off) was a lot less work. I’ll 
do the Lua way later if somebody convinces me :)

Kind regards,
Peter van Dijk
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