[dns-operations] lowercasing of questions from recursor to auths?

Mark Delany x2t at foxtrot.emu.st
Fri Feb 5 19:31:03 UTC 2016

> which lowercases for this particular name or set of names? (Irrespective
> of the fact I consider this authoritative server broken.)

Why is it broken?

An auth isn't obliged to give the same answer each time. As long as
the answer it gives (or which caches give on its behalf) holds true
for the TTL what's not to like?

Anecdotally the answer varies based on query case, but if it also
varies based on time or availability or client address, the clients
and caches would still see varied results.

All that we really know for sure is that the auth gives different
answers depending on... stuff. Very common behavior on today's

Trying to guess which answer is "better" seems counter-productive.


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