[dns-operations] Typo in fox.com and an Akamai squatter

Robert Edmonds edmonds at mycre.ws
Tue Feb 2 05:13:54 UTC 2016

Mark Andrews wrote:
> The RFC series provided instructions for everyone on how to administer
> the DNS.  This included SRI in their registry role for COM, NET and
> ORG.  RFC were expected to be followed.

I'm sure that many parts of those contemporary documents were adhered to
closely at the time, by a technical community smaller and more
integrated than today's.  It doesn't follow that all the recommendations
in those documents are rules, and that they must be followed for all
time by all other communities.

> Note: RFC973 also contains the requirement that the records be
> consistent and this pre-dates the IETF.
>          The child zone and the parent zone have identical NS RRs for
>          the ISI.EDU domain.  This guarantees that no matter which
>          server is asked about the ISI.EDU domain, the same set of name
>          servers is returned.

I see that text, in a section headed:


       This section suggests rules-of-thumb for using the domain system and
       configuring your database which are appropriate in most cases, but
       which may have rare exceptions.

       Zone delegation

          When a domain wishes to become independent from its parent, the
          RRs which mark the delegation in the parent and child zones should
          be carefully synchronized to minimize the possibility that
          resolvers become confused.

You still haven't convinced me that this guideline (or suggestion,
recommendation, rule-of-thumb, or consideration) is actually a
requirement, or that the requirement is binding on all operators.

Robert Edmonds

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