[dns-operations] Embedding MAC address in DNS requests for selective filtering

Ralf Weber dns at fl1ger.de
Mon Feb 1 09:57:04 UTC 2016


On 1 Feb 2016, at 10:15, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 06:01:37PM +0100,
> Ralf Weber <dns at fl1ger.de> wrote
> a message of 30 lines which said:
>> We are in the process of supporting the use of this option through
>> open source efforts with dnsmasq at the CPE level and others. We
>> would be supportive of standardizing this mechanism.
> Given this recent decision by IESG, I would say there is little
> chance:
> http://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/msg/ietf-announce/VX0mVElE6FaBFy4I_Vu65Zehl78

Interesting. Looks like there was no such discussion for the client
subnet draft on that topic which after a quick read looks to fulfil
similar needs. So you never know.

And you know that the IETF not standardising it doesn't mean it won't
get implemented. Also the implementations of e.g parental controls are
usually opt in services, so it's the same (I would say better as your
ISP usually is in your jurisdiction) deal as allowing the web services
of the world to store my cookies and execute code on my host.

So long

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