[dns-operations] DNS resources online?

Nico CARTRON nicolas at ncartron.org
Fri Dec 9 19:51:57 UTC 2016

Hi Mark,

On 09/12/2016 20:03, Mark Jeftovic wrote:
> Folks, I'm finally finishing off the second draft of my O'Reilly book
> (thanks to everybody who has helped me out in this - special shout outs
> to Peter Van Dijk and Bert Hubert)
> I'm filling in the "Online Resources" section and wondering two things:
> 1) what general online resources are there for the non-expert, non-DNS
> ops types to learn about DNS?
> The wikipedia page is a great jumping off point for people.
> The Zytrax book is also good.
> What else?
DNS reactions? (https://dnsreactions.tumblr.com) :-)
(just kidding... although...)
> 2) whether it's a good idea or a bad one to include this list in the
> resources.
> Why the hesitation on #2? Because my books target audience are non-DNS
> ops types, non-experts. And this list in my mind is where people who are
> knowledgeable ask questions and share info.
> My worry is by including it in the resources section (provided the book
> actually gets read), may result an in influx of newbie level questions
> to this list.
> I'm not sure that would go over very well.
This list can be found by a simple search on the Internet, we're not 
hidden :)
I believe any person who makes the effort of buying a book on a topic 
(DNS in that case), reading it,
and subscribing then posting on a mailing-list related to this topic, 
should be free to do it.

So for me it's a big "Yes" - of course we will have "newbie" questions, 
but this is also how you spread knowledge, right?


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