[dns-operations] question on dns setup, name-servers on adjacent IPs

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Thu Aug 25 13:11:53 UTC 2016

From: Veaceslav Revutchi <slavarevutchi at gmail.com>

> This is a vendor we make api calls to and once in a while the calls
> fail with a dns resolution error. The destination server that fails to
> resolve has an A record in the domain above. By the time the problem
> gets reported and looked at the name is resolving ok and there is not
> much in our bind resolver logs. No other dns related alerts around
> that time so I'm suspecting bind did not get a response from those two
> IPs. I'm setting up a couple of probes on the net to periodically
> query those NS, hopefully I will have more data next time it happens.
> Is there a best practice document on the number of NS and their
> distribution that I can forward to the vendor?

What is the timeout value in the application?  If one of the servers is 
down or loses a UDP packet, and the application needs to retry the second 
server, is it waiting long enough?

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