[dns-operations] SPF

SM sm at resistor.net
Mon Apr 11 22:21:59 UTC 2016

Hi Fred,
At 11:12 10-04-2016, Fred Morris wrote:
>I acknowledge that this is getting a little far from the remit, but I'm
>looking at some "DNS failures" related to mail delivery and I'm rather taken
>aback by some of the SPFs I'm seeing.
>For instance this one, for a domain which a large corporation uses to send
>order confirmation emails:
>   "v=spf1 ptr ip4:, ip4:, ip4:,
>ip4:, ip4:, ip4:
>include:amazonses.com +all"
>(Besides the fact that it's broken because of the commas...) Doesn't 
>"+all" at
>the end mean that anyone can send e-mail purporting to be from these people?

Yes.  The above record is equivalent to "v=spf1 +all"


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