[dns-operations] Knot and NSD handling names below DNAME incorrectly

Jean-Yves Bisiaux jyb at efficientip.com
Sun Apr 3 05:10:32 UTC 2016

Hi Arnand,

RFC 6672 2.4: "Resource records MUST NOT exist at any subdomain of the
owner of a DNAME RR."

It's a miconfiguration to add subdomain of a.example.com if you use a DNAME
on it.
www.a.example.com must be set in b.exemple.com.

In my opinion, XFER should reject www.a.example.com for all BIND, NSD and

RFC 6672 2.4: "A server MAY refuse to load a zone that has data at
a subdomain of a domain name owning a DNAME RR."

Then let say Knot is right and strict, BIND and NSD are user friendly.

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