[dns-operations] Cname errors?

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Wed Sep 30 17:27:10 UTC 2015

Robert Edmonds wrote:
> Paul Vixie wrote:
>> since every one of these log messages corresponds to an outbound
>> SERVFAIL, i'd like non-expert users to be able to correlate the failures
>> they see in their web browsers to log file messages on their server.
> Are you sure about that?  ...
> If I understand correctly, the "skipping nameserver ... because it is a
> CNAME" log message can be generated even if no SERVFAIL is eventually
> generated.  That is, BIND appears to skip an NS *RR* if it points to a
> CNAME, it doesn't skip the entire NS RRset.

you make an excellent point. only if a servfail is generated should that
log message appear.

Paul Vixie

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