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> the recoil is every bit as dangerous as the projectile.

I've worked as a protocol designer/engineer and an operator over the years.
I am familiar with various code bases implementing the protocol, some open
source, some proprietary, some general purpose, some turn key.

I've seen the DNS as it is operated on the global public Internet.  I am
familiar with the growing trend of general purpose, open-source
implementations burning into their code "the way the DNS is used" in the
global public internet.

I've seen the DNS operated on distinct inter-networks and in other
environments.  In those use cases, general purpose, open-source
implementations with the code burned (as in previous paragraph) are,well, a

There's certainly a need to operate the DNS on the global public Internet
using general purpose, open source implementations.  If there was a better
way to separate the management plane from the data plane, people, okay !,
would be happier.

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