[dns-operations] Enabling the IPv6-only Internet: the Final TLDs

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>Jim (and Paul and Ed and all the other naysayers),

Not that it matters, I wasn't replying to Shane's message but a later
message which had "perhaps you feel IPv6 is not important" in it,
insinuating that anyone not "for IPv6" was "against IPv6."

>"Anyway, I am hoping for ideas on how to solve this."
>"Anyway, if you know someone involved with any non-IPv6 TLD, please let
>me know and/or explain the wonders of IPv6 to them. Thanks!"

The place to direct comments is the administration of the TLD.

>My question about ICANN was mostly because I assume that ICANN has
>better contact with TLD operators than anyone else, and that they may
>have technical resources to advise or assist them.

The contacts listed on the web site are, for the most part, the place to
go with comments.  (That is what the TLDs registered as their official

>On further reflection though, I think it was a mistake for ICANN to not
>require IPv6 for the IDN TLD. (I think those will all get fixed soon
>though, so it is probably not a long-standing problem.)

There are IDN gTLDs and IDN ccTLDs.  The IDN ccTLD process is described

With a bit of background on how the process came to be:

That ought to provide background on the decisions.
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