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Wed Oct 14 13:51:24 UTC 2015

From: Andrew Sullivan <ajs at anvilwalrusden.com>

> I believe that, if that is the plan for how the Internet is going to
> develop in the future, we are doomed.  Services on the Internet are
> going to be run _decreasingly_ by experts, as nearly as I can tell.

True.  See most installs of M$ Exchange.

> If we are relying on people looking at every knob and every default
> setting, we are going to be sorely disappointed.  (This is relevant to
> all services, including DNS, so I think it's appropriate for this
> list.)

At the ISC DNS class I took, the instructor described most DNS admins as 
having learned from the "Tribal Elders".  I wish I had had an Elder to 
learn from.  We had a consultant come in and build/configure our first DNS 
servers and give a few hours of explanation of how to add entries to the 
one zone.  Thanks to Paul Albitz, Cricket Liu and the 2nd edition (and 
later, the 4th edition) of the Grasshopper Book, I managed not to blow up 
anything too seriously.  After years of going it mostly alone, the class 
validated a lot of what I had learned and pointed out some better ways to 
do things.

I still would not consider myself an expert.  Many years ago, I came up 
with the title "Guru by Default" - someone who everyone turns to, but only 
because they know a little bit more about the subject, but not by much.

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