[dns-operations] resimprove and Re: DNS Flush Protocol

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Mon Mar 30 23:07:57 UTC 2015

Edward Lewis wrote:
> On 3/27/15, 20:09, "Paul Vixie" <paul at redbarn.org> wrote:
>> Edward Lewis wrote:
>>> On 3/27/15, 16:00, "Paul Vixie" <paul at redbarn.org> wrote:
>>> not just hijacked. see also "oops".
> My response began with objecting to the notion that we should ignore
> measurements of how the Internet was working.

i don't think that's necessary in this case. we know the number of
agents and we know that an invalidation protocol is needed and we know
we can't build a point-to-point protocol that will scale to the
population size because of the authentication overhead.

further, my proposal is a convention not a protocol. it changes nothing
on the wire. it says "if you want to do this, here's one way to do it".
it does not require a recommendation, any more than the old BIND
convention of "if the remote serial number is zero, always fetch"
required a recommendation.

if you want something that we can reach consensus on, that will be a
recommendation, and will be a protocol ("if you want to do this, here's
how to do it interoperably") then that will take at least "many more
years" if it's even possible, which i doubt.

Paul Vixie

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