[dns-operations] What would it take...

Rob Foehl rwf at loonybin.net
Wed Mar 11 19:54:11 UTC 2015

On Tue, 10 Mar 2015, Edward Lewis wrote:

> So, why can't the name server find the DS set, run a check and barf if
> there's a problem?  Barf - either refusing to load the zone or refusing to
> change the zone that is already running.

> Please - if there are more impediments, suggest them.  I may have missed
> something.  If you disagree with an impediment, speak out.

What about the case of bad data in the parent, regardless of where it 
lands on the malice / stupidity scale?  Loud warnings to this effect at 
zone (re)load time would be one thing, but refusing to load the zone 
entirely would mean the broken DS isn't the only operational problem...


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