[dns-operations] [DNSOP] dnsop-any-notimp violates the DNS standards

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Wed Mar 11 13:18:46 UTC 2015

Darcy Kevin (FCA) <kevin.darcy at fcagroup.com> wrote:

> Regarding the statement "query type ANY 'matches all RR types CURRENTLY
> Actually, there's nothing in RFC 1034 that clearly *mandates* this
> behavior

It is sort-of specified in the algorithm in section 4.3.2 which says,

   4. Start matching down in the cache.  If QNAME is found in the
      cache, copy all RRs attached to it that match QTYPE into the
      answer section.

That applies to RD=0 queries. For RD=1, section 5.3.3 says,

   1. See if the answer is in local information, and if so return
      it to the client.

This is usually understood to mean what you would get from an RD=0 query.

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