[dns-operations] What would it take...

Matthijs Mekking matthijs at pletterpet.nl
Wed Mar 11 06:57:45 UTC 2015


On 11-03-15 05:39, Mark Andrews wrote:
>>>> 2) Authoritative servers don't launch queries.
>>> Has NEVER been true.  SOA/IXFR queries are done regularly by
>>> authoritative servers.  For over the last decade queries for
>>> nameserver addresses have been done for NOTIFY.
>> Okay, but, the queries are sent to IP addresses held in configurations or
>> in authoritative data, not relying on what is learned at sea.  They
>> certainly don't iterate.
> Yes, they do iterate and have done for over 15 years now.  Just
> because you havn't noticed that they do this doesn't mean that it
> is not been being done.

BIND9 perhaps, but certainly not all authoritative servers do that.

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