[dns-operations] [Zonemaster] DNS zone/service checking tool features survey

Sandoche Balakrichenan sandoche.balakrichenan at afnic.fr
Tue Mar 10 07:43:59 UTC 2015

Hi All,

        Thanks for responding one response per user.  Apologies for

*Access*: All

*Close date*: 03/04/2015


*Background*: "Afnic" and "IIS.SE" are currently in the maintenance
phase of "Zonemaster", a new DNS zone/service checking tool developed as
a replacement of their respective tools, ZoneCheck
(http://www.zonecheck.fr/) and DNSCheck (http://dnscheck.iis.se/). The
survey intends to understand the requirements of the community from such
a tool. The development of new features to be integrated to the
Zonemaster tool will be prioritized based on this survey's feedback.

All the documentation and code are public in github. More information
about the project can be obtained from here :
"https://github.com/dotse/zonemaster/blob/master/README.md".  The web
interface can be accessed in this link "zonemaster.net" and from other
TLD extensions such as ".se", ".fr" and ".re".


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