[dns-operations] extra records in resolver answer, any benefit?

Francis Dupont Francis.Dupont at fdupont.fr
Tue Jan 27 17:26:11 UTC 2015

 In your previous mail you wrote:

>  My reasoning is that the end user rarely needs anything but the direct
>  answer, maybe additional address records for MX, NS and such. But
>  presuming that most of the resolver traffic is 'IN A
>  www.populardomain.com'-like, and a lot of traffic originates from
>  congested mobile networks, it makes sense to me to return only minimal
>  possible responses.

=> bind has provided the minimal-responses configuration options for years
and as far as I know nobody complained about a bad side effect to have set
it to yes, i.e., this discussion could be used to change its default
(and for similar tunables in other implementations) from no to yes.

>  [1] With the exception of SOA for NODATA and DNSSEC-related data.

=> and mandatory glue RRs (but we are clearly discussing about
optional additional RRs).


Francis.Dupont at fdupont.fr

PS: IMHO this is related to queries for the ANY type: designed for
an easy optimization but without real world positive uses. Or perhaps
similar to the FTP third party: unused until someone proposes to
remove it from the specs (:-).

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