[dns-operations] Entering DNSSEC waters

Stephen Johnson (DIS) Stephen.Johnson at arkansas.gov
Thu Jan 22 19:21:55 UTC 2015

I'm about to put my toes into the DNSS waters before something forces be
to dive in head first. I've been researching and doing to tentative
planning as to how to implement DNSSEC for our DNS zones.

I've got a good handle on how we'll doing out key handling and keys
rotations (from RFC6781). What I'm currently lacking is a roll out and
testing plan for the live zones. I've read about the DNSSEC roll outs
that have been discussed on the list.

What I'm asking for is advice and possibly copies of roll out and
testing planes other have used. From those I'll cobble together a roll
plan for our zones.

Thanks in advanced.

Stephen L Johnson  <stephen.johnson at arkansas.gov>
Unix Systems Administrator / DNS Hostmaster
Department of Information Systems
State of Arkansas

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