[dns-operations] Storm on the DNS

Jim Reid jim at rfc1035.com
Tue Dec 8 17:04:59 UTC 2015

On 8 Dec 2015, at 16:27, Paul Vixie <paul at redbarn.org> wrote:

> in other words, the culture of "it's not my problem" remains pervasive, for all forms of abuse, regardless of protocol or role.

Yup. 'Twas ever thus.

Your idea of an improved liability model is a good one. However it will be hard to come up with one that gets widespread acceptance/adoption. And even harder to enforce it. Good luck with an indemnity action in the North Korean courts (say) or expecting whatever's flavour-of-the-month bad guys to abide by the rule of law.

An improved liability model may well fail for the same "it's not my problem" reasons. Why take the hit of minimising your exposure to liability actions when your competitors aren't doing that too?

One approach which might be worth trying is to reward BCP38 adopters. For instance, by offering them better terms at IXPs than those who don't do BCP38 or pulling the plug on those who can't/won't do BCP38. Though that approach suffers from the same externality: why should IXP A do this when IXP B isn't?

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