[dns-operations] Storm on the DNS

Song Linjian (Davey) songlinjian at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 08:29:04 UTC 2015

>> I wondering the root server instance in that red region is up or
>> down? if it is still up, the queries can not be routed to other
>> server where the the probes shows green.
> The server is up but unresponsive because of the load. As a result
> most resolvers switch to another letter. (A few servers like A never
> had a problem or may be were not attacked.)
Fair enough.  

It seems that during the attack different letters(A~M) share the traffic load (attack traffic as well), 
and different instances inside a letter(Like L-Root instances) serving the function of isolating the 
attacks traffic. That’s the clarification I got from the discussion so far.


Davey Song(宋林健)
songlinjian at gmail.com

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