[dns-operations] A dns-proxy for DNS over HTTP(s)

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Wed Aug 26 19:55:57 UTC 2015

Roland Dobbins wrote:
> On 26 Aug 2015, at 2:31, Ralf Weber wrote:
> ...
>> DNS server scale to million of requests per second on normal hardware
>> I have not yet heard of a web server scaling to that.
> Concur 100%.

i disagree with that claim. google's web plant runs at that speed.
granted, the cost of holding and managing all that state is higher for a
million-QPS TCP service than for a million-QPS UDP service, but there's
proof that it can be done. see also akamai.

> Nobody is thinking about this with QUIC/HTTP 2, and it looks as if
> nobody (except us, heh) is thinking about this with the DNS, either.

my laptop can do thousands of dns-over-http queries per second between
two VM's. i think this is a practical solution for small-medium
enterprise. the place it won't work is between all the world's
authorities and all the world's recursives. but if opendns and/or
google-dns wanted to provision dns-over-tcp (some new protocol, not
tcp/53 or any variation on it) or dns-over-http, they could do so easily.

i'm not recommending this. i don't like state. i think mark's latest
cookie proposal adds just enough lightweight state to keep udp from
hurting so much, and that we ought to pursue that approach. but i don't
want us to do so in ignorance, for example, do so because we think that
no tcp based solution could scale to millions of QPS. (because with
enough rocket boosters, pigs CAN fly.)

Paul Vixie

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